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My Scam Experience: 90 Days of Fun With Wells Fargo

Jun 16, 2022
Fellow Fox CEO Partha Ray looking at his Wells Fargo fraudulent account bank statement

It has been 90 days since I discovered that someone opened a Wells Fargo bank account in my name. 

In my previous post I covered all the calls I made and steps I took to put a stop to this. Today, I decided to pop into a Wells Fargo branch to double check that the account was closed, and that this situation had come to an end.  

I sat down with a helpful Wells Fargo banker at the branch, re-told my story, and showed her a statement I received. She pulled up the account and looked shocked. 

The status of the fraudulent bank account opened in my name

Me: “I just want to make sure the account has been closed.” 

Wells Fargo banker: "The account has not been closed and there are many more transactions on it."

Me: "Please print out all of the transactions."

Here is what I saw on the THREE PAGE report

These are just a few of the transactions, as it would take me forever to type them all out. There were over 25 transactions listed all the way through the middle of February. 

Here is what the above tells me. 

The scammer got a debit card for a fraudulent account they opened in my name.

Wells Fargo says they only ship debit cards to the address on file with which the account was opened. In this case my actual home address is listed. 

So, this brings up a larger question.

How did someone intercept the debit card being sent to my house when my mailbox requires a key?  

This is pointing to a larger and scarier issue… Someone at the USPS must be working with the scammers to intercept the mail!

I managed to get a phone number that was used to open the account, I am investigating this and am speaking with the Police this coming week.  

I will keep you posted as to what happens!

To be continued,