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Learn To Defend Yourself Against Scammers and Fraud

Fellow Fox will teach you a super simple framework to deal with scammers and fraud without it feeling like hard work. In tandem with a community group and chat support hotline, you will be ready to deal with anything that comes your way. Protect your hard earned savings by becoming a clever Fellow Fox.  

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T.A.C.T. Framework

This easy to use, powerful framework will enable you to handle any scam situation.

Community Group

Get access to our exclusive members only community group where you can share experiences, ask questions and keep up with new content!

Chat Support Hotline

24/7 access to our chat support hotline.  When in doubt, just drop us a line and we will assist!

Introduction to The Course 


"As a former President of the National Adult Protective Services Association and current board member I spent 35+ years fighting the fraud and exploitation of seniors. I recently reviewed a product Fellow Fox, Security skills for older adults and came away very impressed. They have a strong course based on a solid framework. I recommend investing in this product."

Joe Snyder

Board Member and Former President, NAPSA



"In my career working with older adults I've had so many of my clients scammed; some for a few hundred dollars, some for a few thousand dollars, but others for hundreds of thousands of dollars. What I love about the Fellow Fox program is the four simple steps. I love the simplicity of the online platform, and also the community feel where Fellow Foxes themselves can become sleuths and bring any scam they see come across their phone, inbox to help other seniors from falling into that trap."

Kelly O'Connor

Society of Certified Senior Advisors, TEDx Speaker

"My email was hacked and all of my friends were being told that I was injured and that they needed to send me gift cards. I was almost scammed into buying $3,000 in Amazon gift cards. It was frightening, stressful, and humiliating. Taking the course at fellow fox helped me feel more secure and empowered, and prepared for god forbid the next time this happens."


Fellow Fox Customer

"I was almost scammed out of $50,000 by the Geek Squad. I felt scared and helpless and also angry. Thank goodness for the folks at Fellow Fox. They ensured that I did not lose a very large sum of money."


Fellow Fox Customer



Here Is What's In The Fellow Fox Offering

Module #1

It's all about the fundamentals, The T.A.C.T. Framework.  

Avoiding fraud and scams is easier than you might think. In this module we'll talk about the fundamental skills you will need you to become an expert at doing this.

Learning these fundamentals will put you in a powerful position to defend yourself in any situation.







Module #2

The T.A.C.T. Framework in Action.

This module is dedicated to giving you real world practice in handling scam situations using the T.A.C.T. framework.

This is where you will cover every type of scam attempt situation from emails to phone calls, voicemails and text messages.

By the end of this module you will have plenty of practice under your belt and be ready to take on any scam or fraud situation as a clever fellow fox.


Private Community Group

Exclusive Members Only.

This is your dedicated discussion space around scam attempts and how to navigate them. You can ask questions and share insights you wish you knew earlier in your journey. This community will also keep you up to date with new content around all things scams and fraud. 

Lean on, and learn from, the Community. We're here for you!

Chat Support Hotline

When You Need Help.

If you are ever unsure, in an uncomfortable situation or see any red flags or feel red flag emotions we are here for you.

When in doubt, just drop us a line and we will assist you 24/7.


It's time to learn street smarts and defend yourself against scammers and fraud. 

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Hey there! Partha here! Who am I? I am a computer forensics expert with 20+ years experience in the field.

I have seen everything you could imagine and then some in the form of scams and fraud. After a scammer almost stole $50k of my mother's hard earned savings, I decided to put a stop to this madness once and for all by creating the Fellow Fox course and community.

I realized that all of the information out there to help older adults avoid scams and fraud was not helping. It creates information overload and tries to scare you.

Education is power and you need an easy way to navigate the landscape. At Fellow Fox I will teach you street smarts to develop your scam instincts.

I have created a super simple, yet powerful framework that will enable you to make good decisions and handle any scam situation.


Answers to the most common questions we receive about Fellow Fox and our platform for older adults.

It's time to learn street smarts and defend yourself against scammers and fraud. 

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